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Discover how to
grow your business
to consistent
3-5K months

…even if you’ve been trying
for SO long


It’s time to stop under-earning & get paid your worth

Growing your business will give you the lifestyle you want.

Most women are chronically under-earning and over-giving. Add in overthinking all day long with a good dose of comparisonitis and you’ve got a recipe for overwhelm and burnout.

Once you learn how to manage your mindset using the STEAR Process (it’s simple and effective, I will show you how), everything changes.

The result is your dream business with more grace and ease

I get it, I nearly gave up on my business

We’re conditioned that we have to work hard to make money. Be a good girl and don’t ask for too much.

I was such a good girl for the longest time. I was terrified that no one would pay my prices and that I would be found out as a fraud. Who was I to be a coach and be paid well for it?

This overthinking and fear wasn’t working and resulted in zero clients around 6 years ago. I was so full of shame and couldn’t tell my husband that I had no money coming in and that I couldn’t contribute. I seriously thought we’d have to cancel Christmas.

What I didn’t realise was that this was all a story in my head. Once I gave myself a loving shove out of my own way, everything changed.

All I had to do was to start believing in myself, my offer and my clients ability to get results.

I started a daily mindset practice that I’d been using for years with my clients and signed 6 clients at €2500 in a week. That’s €15,000 of business.

Knowing how to have the mindset of self-belief is what changes everything.

Mindset work gave me the freedom I craved and can for you too.

Sarah xo

Why I want to support you this way SO much…

Your dream business is waiting

Get more clients saying a wholehearted yes

When women support women, magic happens

Together we rise

You’ll feel safe to be seen

Increase your visibility and flourish

You’ll say YES to abundance

You’ll finally focus

The busier the online space becomes, the more lonely we can feel

In the past, you could join a few free groups and make amazing connections and business besties.

Things are different now. Groups are getting so busy and your newsfeed is overwhelming (and triggering with ALL the shiny people…)

As your business grows, or to help it to get moving, you need a safe place to hang out and be supported.

Women often struggle with believing their business will be successful


how it would feel to have a group of like-minded women to share the journey with and feel supported on a deep level.

Women to laugh with. Cry with. Celebrate with.

With experienced leaders who are experts at managing beautiful safe groups for women to flourish in their business, making more money doing what they love.

What would an average week in your business look like if…

You felt fully supported in the way you want to do business in line with your values surrounded by other like-minded soul sisters

You had a pro business mindset coach who totally has your back that you can ask anything about your business or life

You are supported to have a successful business doing what you love AND
the freedom to spend time doing what matters to you, including quality time with loved ones and time just for you

Have a business with more ease and flow that feels completely aligned with the reason you started your business in the first place

Under-earning stops here!

SistaMIND is a mindset mastermind membership like no other where you get…

1. Mindset Coach Training

As soon as you join SistaMIND you will  get access to the membership site and can start learning how to coach yourself every day with the STEAR process. This will help you to manage your mindset so you can get much better results in your business.

2. Live Coaching Every Week

Group calls including:

 Mindset Coaching Calls when you can get coached past your limiting beliefs and mindset blocks. These happen 2/month.

 Sacred Circle Calls where you can come along to a monthly virtual ‘circle’ with your ‘Sistas’ and share what’s happening for you. This is a judgement-free zone where you can share and be supported. Or you are welcome to just listen and hold the space.

 Money Magic Sessions. These monthly sessions will be facilitated by some money and business experts to energetically align you with your business. Get ready to go on a magic carpet ride each month!

 Visibility Planning Sessions. Each month you’ll be able to join a planning session for the month ahead so you know where you will show up. A girl needs a plan!

Overcoming Sessions. We’re always overcoming something. Whether it’s overthinking, over-eating, people pleasing or overwhelm, we’ve got you covered. Each month you’ll get an expert class and a plan to help you to overcome what’s holding you back.

3. Masterclasses via the Success Path

Each month you will receive access to a module in the SistaMIND Success Path. These are released on the 1st of each month and will transform the way you do business. Some of the topics are:

 Clarity on your VISION and VALUES so that you’re clear where you’re heading and why

 Your BUSINESS BOUNDARIES are the kindest part of your business. It’s time to get you some, then some more. You teach your clients how to treat you, without business boundaries you will get trampled on.

 Your PRICING, how to know what is the right price for your offers. No more asking everyone else what you should be charging.

 Your MARKETING MINDSET. It’s time to finally ‘get’ marketing so you can share your message with ease.

 Your SALES MINDSET. It’s time to fall truly madly deeply in love with sales. I promise you this can happen.

 Your BELIEFS will be supported in a way you’ve never experienced before. Just imagine what’s possible if you truly believed in yourself?

 Your RECEIVING superpowers. Do you get a ‘yes’ from a client and then something happens so they can’t pay? It’s time for you to learn how to receive all the money that’s there for you.

 How to finally FOCUS get more done in less time. Productivity is a mindset. It’s not sexy but it’s important. Just imagine, no more procrastinating….

And much more.

4. Bonuses

These are available as soon as you join

  30 Day Online Business Bootcamp
  Masterclass Treasure Trove
  Member Expertise Interviews
  One Thing Wonderland

Unlike other masterminds, you get the benefits of the group, online resources and leader support at a more affordable price without being locked into a contract.

You get more for less, without the stress of big payments while growing your business.
All in a safe nurturing space.

A higher level of support at a much lower price!

You can join now and leave at any time, you’re not locked into a contract. You can stay for as long as you need it and your monthly price will stay the same. You get to have this high level of support at a much lower price than traditional mastermind groups so you can belong to a community of women who have your back.
Or choose the ‘yearly’ option & save 2 month’s payments AND get a bonus course (valued at $797).

We’ve thought of everything

Success Roadmap + Group Coaching Calls + STEAR

Mindset Coach Training

You will learn how to coach yourself every day with the STEAR process

Weekly Live Coaching

Group calls including Mindset, Money Magic & Sacred Circle Calls as well as Visibility Planning Sessions

Success Roadmap

Monthly success roadmap tutorials (video + playbook) to take you from chronically under-earning to consistent 3 to 5 K months

And we’ve sweetened the deal some more

Join now get an extra bonus worth $497!

One Thing Wonderland

Find out what your ONE THING is!

One Thing Wonderland is Sarah’s 4 module e-course where you can explore what the one thing is you’d like to focus on in your business. This course sold for $497 when it ran as a live course in the past

Value – $497

When you pay in full there are extra bonuses…

Valued at $797, yours free when you enrol now

Nice Girls Can Sell

When you pay in full you get Sarah’s 6 week e-course Nice Girls Can Sell to learn how to feel good enough and know just what to say to get the sale. You’ll be more consistent with your marketing. You’ll overcome your fear of rejection, fear of judment or that feeling that you’re not good enough. You’ll be using your time more effectively and actually know what you’re meant to be doing to get more paying clients. This course sold for $797 when it ran as a live course in the past.

Lifetime Access

When you pay in full you get LIFETIME ACCESS to SistMIND! You pay for a year, and get to participate for as long as the membership runs!

Incredible, right?!

For a limited time only – never to be repeated bonus

Our success stories are incredible

“I’d highly recommend it, SistaMIND has given me my vision, goals and clarity on my message so I can be visible”

I joined SisterMIND because I wanted a network, support & not to feel like I was doing it all alone. I feel helped and supported. I’ve met loads of amazing women & I love that we can go into the group & share a win that only women with their own business will get. Or share a rant! I love that we are learning and growing together, from someone who’s been through all of this and can give us an encouraging little shove when required. 

Olive MacDonagh, Ireland – Butterfly Cottage Retreats

“Since joining Sistamind I feel I have found my tribe. A group of like minded women who are trying to find their way in the world of busines.”

I’ve found the monthly themes inspiring, combined with the regular calls and contact with other members through the Facebook group. I no longer feel isolated or alone and know I can reach out and a group of amazing women will support me.  My mindset has changed massively meaning that I now believe abundance is possible and can reach for the stars. This has hugely lifted my energy, focus, motivation and productivity. I am already achieving things I didn’t think was possible. 

Carol Fare – The Marriage Coach

Is the program right for you?

SistaMIND is a good fit if…

You feel isolated and don’t want to do it all on your own anymore.

You want to be inspired, motivated and shown how to make the mindset changes needed to get to consistent 3-5K months in your business.

You want a safe space to share your wins, challenges and questions. You’re ready to show up with like-minded women who get how difficult it can be to make progress.ourses – this is not a course, its a coaching program.

SistaMIND is not a good fit if…

You want someone to implement everything for you. You’re better off hiring a team to do that for you.

You want instant results. SistaMIND is for the tortoise and not the hare who wants to push & hustle her way to success. That just leads to overwhelm and burnout which is banned in my world. There is no behind in SistaMIND.

You are not coachable. This means you’re trying to prove you’re right. If you’d rather be right than rich, SistaMIND is not for you!

Not sure if it’s right for you? Ask before you join…

You can get started today for just $ 77 per month…

$77 per month
Or $777 per year



Your investment includes all of these benefits:

 SistaMINDset Circles where we gather virtually each week to blitz your mindset blocks and move you forward in a gentle and supportive way.

 Monthly Sacred Circle. The Sacred Circle is a place for you to feel safe, to process (without being coached), to be heard without judgment. A truly sacred space.

 Monthly Visibility Planning Sessions to work on your focus, productivity, time management and to plan your visibility for the month ahead.

 Monthly Money Magic Sessions: where we have special guests & all things magical manifesting fun.

 Bonus trainings and masterclasses to help you with the mindset you need, to get the support you need, to have the success you crave.

 An amazingly supportive community in our private FB group

Plus, you get these bonuses free valued at $1,294

  Early Bird Bonus: One Thing Wonderland, Sarah’s 4 module e-course where you can explore what the one thing is you’d like to focus on in your business.

 Pay In Full Bonus: Nice Girls Can Sell (Sarah’s 6 week e-course to help you to feel good enough and know just what to say to get the sale) AND Lifetime Access (for as long as the membership runs)

Here’s what other lovely people say


Since I joined SistaMIND I no longer feel lonely in my manager role. I have guidance with where to go next and found the confidence that I can do it! I’m becoming more organised planning the future, more determined to achieve my goals, more successful and not afraid to shout about it, more visible every day.
Even though I haven’t been able to be actively involved in every part of SistaMIND, I take great comfort in knowing I’m not alone with my issues and great pride in watching and hearing other’s achievements and successes.
I didn’t have a sister growing up, but I’m growing now with SistaMIND :two_hearts:
Thank you :pray:

— Sharon Poulter, Managing Partner at The Castle, Boutique B&B and Café


The reason I joined Sarah Leather’s SistaMind is I know first hand (I was part of her mastermind) how supportive Sarah is with mindset and getting things done, supporting me with getting outside my comfort zone while I take my business to the next level. She has an amazing knack of pulling together like-minded groups of women who are aligned in wanting to have better lives while running their business. Being part of Sistamind will support my more sensitive scared side as I blaze forward in my business.

— Sarah Power, Oh Mabel

Heather Robinson

Before Sarah’s Sistamind membership, I felt like I didn’t have what it took to run a successful profitable business.  It gave me the courage, support and camaraderie to shift that belief, share my gifts with the world and to begin to develop my gorgeous, now profitable transformational business.  It was truly life changing.  I was so disappointed when it ended and I’m delighted and excited that it’s back. It’s such a special, heart warming space.

— Heather Robinson, Get Accomplished with Heather


I joined SistaMind because I love to be part of a group of like-minded women from different backgrounds. I like that there is a variety of things to join in with and at first thought, I would do it all!! I love that there is no pressure and I do not need to feel I have to catch up. I like the monthly themes and calls. The membership site is great I can dip in and out and it is helping me think through where I want to go next. I feel connected here as I have worked on my own and there are not always like-minded people to share with.

— Helen Grace Fields

Florence Bray

I’m only in Sarah’s group SistaMIND 3 weeks and I’ve already had a yearly highest earning week yahoo!!!

Thank you Sarah and so looking forward to ending this quarter celebrating even bigger achievements!

— Florence Bray, Hypnotherapist at Irish Hypnosis Naas Clinic

Marie O Sullivan

I wasn’t totally sure what to expect when I joined Sistamind, but the amazing Sarah Leather had been on my radar for a while. I’m so glad that I listened to my intuition and followed up. I have connected with some kind and caring business owners as a result (online and in real life). I love that the content and materials are accessible at a time that suits and that there’s no FOMO if you can’t make a call live. The group is fun, and even more importantly, it’s supportive

Delighted that I joined Sistamind!

— Marie O’Sullivan


What are the program dates?

This is a membership program. The program starts when you join.

What is your refund policy?

We don’t issue refunds.

If you are on the monthly plan, you can cancel any time as long as you do so 7 days before your next payment is due.

Can you guarantee results?

No, nobody can. However, if you show up to be coached, do the work and are prepared to (lovingly) get out of your own way to change your mindset, you will have an excellent chance of having the success you want.


Will I get any 1 to 1 time with Sarah?

There is no 1 to 1 time with Sarah. You get access to Sarah and the other SistaMIND leaders during the live group calls and in the private Facebook group.

Working with Sarah privately starts at €10 000. Please email with any enquiries about this.

How do I know if SistaMIND is right for my business

If you’re a woman running a business and yet to make consistent 5K months, SistaMIND will support you on your business growth journey to have the success you want.

Got more questions?

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